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Yesterday’s Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum was a huge success! From producing tips to favorite festivals, your questions really covered it all.  A big thanks to everyone who got online and participated!  Here are some of the top ranked questions and answers for those who missed it.  To read the full discussion click here.  Enjoy!


You and Seven Lions have to be among my favorite artists in any genera. What is your relationship with Jeff and how did you meet him/end up collaborating on Fevers? Any more Seven Lions & Minnesota songs to come? [FR3SH_W1LL]

A mutual friend of ours showed me his stuff around the time he entered the A&B remix contest for ‘You Gotta Go’ and I was absolutely blown away. I hit him up right a way to see if he would be down to collab on something and he was into it. About a year later I had been working on a track with Mimi Page but I was not happy with it, so I scrapped the instrumental and sent the acappella over to Jeff. We went back and fourth a bit and we got to a point where i did not know where to take it. We sat on it for another 6 months and Jeff ended up finishing it. Not sure if we will collab again any time in the future but it was an absolute honor getting to work with him on that track and he is still one of my favorite electronic music producers right now.

Bassnectar/Minnesota Collab. Possibility of this happening? [bassman5000]

We’ve talked about it but nothing yet. Working on a remix for him right now though!

Do you feel that the free downloads you provide (thanks, btw!) has had any impact on potential sales–positive or negative? Love the tunes, and keep it up! [djpolymath]

I think providing my music for free exposes it to more people, thus increasing my fan base and size of the shows that I play (meaning more money for me). It’s the grassroots way of going about things and it’s really worked for a lot of the big artists out there like Pretty Lights, Griz, Gramatik, etc.  Also, releasing my music for free doesn’t mean that I don’t make money from it. All my music is up on all the online stores and streaming sites. Believe it or not there are still a good amount of people that would rather buy my music (or just don’t know it’s available for free).

Is there any way to find full audio of your Wakarusa set? It was truly one of the best sets I have ever seen. Weeks later I can’t get those magical moments out of my head. Any help would be much appreciated. [Totallynot_sarcastic]

Thank ya so much, that was a fun set! There is no recording of that set or any recent sets, but I’m gonna try to record a set similar to the Wakarusa set pretty soon since it’s been so long since I’ve put out a mix.

WHY DON’T YOU PLAY STARDUST(or redux) MORE?! I love your more ambient, chill stuff. [magicrice]

Thanks for the kind words :) I usually play stardust, stardust redux and all the other chill stuff towards the end of my sets. I was a DJ before I started producing so I like to put together sets that keep people moving while mixing in my productions. Def get this question a lot!

Favorite song to play live? Favorite part of the country to perform? [Arandy05]

Favorite of my own tracks to play right now are ‘Voyager’ and ‘Airships.’ Other than that I LOVE playing my homie G jones’s track. My favorite city to play is Chicago closely followed by Atlanta and Denver and also love doing homecoming shows in Santa Cruz, CA.

Is there a festival/venue that you like more than the others? Like one that you decide to just throw down at opposed to a chill show? [jacksisun]

My absolute favorite festival to play and attend is Electric Forrest and my favorite venue to play is Terminal West in Atlanta. Terminal West has a great staff and an insane in house lighting system. For festivals in general I def go a bit harder than I do at club/venue shows.

As a huge fan of yours I was wondering why at festivals they always give you a shitty times lot? For example at North Coast 2012 you were against Pretty Lights, and this years Wakarusa you played against String Cheese and Infected Mushroom. With that being said you are a great producer and I love everything about your music. [parsleyflakes]

That is just the nature of music festivals, a lot of artists play and there are bound to be conflicts. Just stoked to be playing those festivals :)

Will you be at Burning Man this year? I remember going to your shows at the gym behind the Indian restaurant in Santa Cruz. Good times. [EndersInfinite]

Haha good ol’ 418 raves. I’ll def be at the burn this year camping with Camp ?

Love you and your massive sound man. A couple things. Answer whatever you like. 1) What are some tips that you wish you received when you were just starting out producing? (I am in that boat). 2) What is your favorite festival that you have ever attended or played at? It was my first year at Electric Forest this year and I couldn’t possibly imagine finding anything better. Just curious. 3) Can you release that remix of Gold – Adventure Time like… tonight? :D [Untitled31]

M: 1) A tip that was very helpful was to do mixdowns at a lower volume. I used to produce and mix down at very high volumes, and once I turned things down my mix downs started sounding a lot better. Also, learning how important it is to EQ everything was very big. Filtering out low frequencies on everything to make room for your Kick and Sub Bass and using subtractive EQing to make room for every other element in your song. 2) Electric Forrest is def my fav traditional music fest, but Burning Man is a my all time favorite festival. 3) I’m not 100% happy with the track but I’m not sure where else to go with it so I might just release it soon :)

Yo Minnesota, love your feel good synths! How much is analog vs. digital? And what do you like for VST/plug-ins? [deepspacebrent]

All digital and in the box at this point. Def a lot of massive for designing my own pads and bass patches, I also use Omnisphere, nexus, and my accesses virus TI a lot. My fav VST effect is Fabfilter Timeless 2… love all the dub delay presets in it.

What’s your speaker setup? [medahman]

In the studio I just replaced my Rokit 5′s with Adam Audio A7X’s

How did you get into producing music? [the_wonder_llama]

I always wanted to make music for a living and never had success with any of the bands I put together. Producing electronic music was appealing to me because I did not have to rely on anyone else and I could do it whenever and wherever I wanted.

Any advice to a teen interested in getting into the music scene? [wifimax1]

When I started DJing I had a lot of trouble getting bookings, so I decided to just start throwing my own shows. My manager, myself and a few other friends started a production company called Vital SC and through that I was able to network with other production companies and start getting bookings for other shows. Now it seems the only way to get into it is to be a really really good and unique producer or to get involved with the promotion/production side of things.

What is the possibility of there being another Deathstar EP or Marty Party collaboration in the future? [tswhitehead]

We have talked about a lot! The main problem now is that I am on the road half the year and I only produce music at home so whenever I get home I really like to focus on producing solo original music. Hopefully once I have an extended period of time off we will be able to work on some stuff.

I’ve got a huge question for you, I loved “Astral Projection”, I know you had a bunch of samples from Edgar Mitchell and stuff about OBE’s…. Whats your inspiration of this? Are you into astral projection/ alternate realities/ higher consciousness? [meev]

Honestly I have not really tried astral projection. The first few years of making electronic music I was really into psychedelics and read a lot of books by people like Terence Mckenna and Rick Strassman. I think I was browsing the internet trying to find some trippy audio samples when I came across astral projection and some guided meditation youtube videos. I have certainly had some OBE’s that were psychedelic induced but never one through anything like astral projection or lucid dreaming. I have tried lucid dreaming but I could never get past the terrifying sleep paralysis part.

Of the artists you’ve toured with, who have you had the most fun with, or gained the most from musically? [Crayonnoyarc]

The tour with Koan Sound was really fun. Some tours can be a bit awkward, but I connected with those dudes on day one. They are also insane producers as many of you know and do a really cool live set, so that was really cool to see every night

I’ve got a lot of appreciation for you and how you stay connected/grounded… How do you stay do level headed knowing you just keep putting out the freshest shit?!? [gutterbiz]

I really appreciate comments like this! It is weird to me how some artists blow up and completely change as a person. It is really satisfying to hear that fans think I am down to earth and approachable and I cringe when I see artists blow up and completely change for the worse. Thank you so much for the kind words!

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